Since 1991, we have been working closely with the manufacturers of complex products to help them manage, present and differentiate their product information to drive their sales processes.  By doing so, we have developed software that makes Symx a game-changer when it comes to solutions and our clients ahead of their competition when it comes to selling their products.


Our Mission

Phrases are often repeated, and become cliche, because there is an inherent truth in them that bears repeating.  This is true for the words that have driven Symmetrix from the beginning - Our mission is to provide simple solutions to complex problems.  

And further, software is based on a point-in-time amount of knowledge.  We strive to add to that knowledge-base constantly by challenging our incredible solution designers (everyone) to look at the big picture in order to simplify the solution. More code does not always equate to more powerful software.

What is most striking is their determination to become experts on our products rather than just deliver software.
— Drew Armstrong, Rockwell Automation

Core Competencies

  • Data-driven design
  • Agile Development and project management
  • Software architects - not coders
  • Simplified user experience
  • Quick prototyping
  • Scale-able solutions
  • Web-based solutions 
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile apps - native and hybrid
  • Business system tie-ins
  • All using the most modern techniques where appropriate without fear of maintaining legacy code where required


Our flagship suite of product selection and quoting tools are built with the following modules:

  • * SymxSelect
  • * SymxConfigure
  • * SymxCatalog
  • * SymxDiscount
  • * SymxQuote
  • * SymxProject