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Senior full stack developer

We are looking for developers that can create solutions that exceed expectations based on their creativity. Some team development is common, but typically a project is mostly working on your own code with the support of a technical project manager/business analyst. Additional help on a project is typically through communication with other highly skilled developers working at Symmetrix (UX, database, technology choices, re-using existing Symmetrix code…).  We largely work in Microsoft and open source technologies, but knowing particular tools is not as critical as your proof of the ability to choose and use the most appropriate tool for a job.

 The bottom line is that we don’t do entry level programmers. We focus on those that have some battle scars and have been both humbled and empowered based on their ability to get through challenges in the past. Typically the ideal candidates also have a musical background and/or an appreciation for The Big Lebowski, but that correlation is potentially jus coincidental.

 We offer the following differentiators:

  1. Private offices with a real door and a window

  2. A quiet, yet welcoming environment for collaboration and discussion

  3. Challenging business problems to solve, but focus on a particular vertical so that we always have some experience within the office of solving similar issues

  4. The opportunity to work on a variety of technologies

  5. A management team that feels the same joys and pain. All at Symmetrix are working on software development.

  6. All work is at Symmetrix (or at home) - not on-site for our clients.

  7. We only do project work, not resource augmentation.

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