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Senior Developer - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) designer

Symmetrix is looking for additional team members on a robust application that focuses on System Design in the IIoT sphere. The application has 50k+ users worldwide which is continually growing as the application evolves. A love for challenging business logic and an ability to see many inter-connected moving parts when making edits to the code is critical. You’d work hand in hand with the chief architect of the application, yet have a high degree of ownership over your own projects and code.

 The desktop application’s core is written in C++ and MFC with some C# in modules. High competency in these technologies is critical to success. We would be willing to train those that feel confident in their ability to succeed based on other experiences.

 We offer the following differentiators:

  1. Private offices with a real door and a window

  2. A quiet, yet welcoming environment for collaboration and discussion

  3. Challenging business problems to solve, but focus on a particular vertical so that we always have some experience within the office of solving similar issues

  4. The opportunity to work on a variety of technologies

  5. A management team that feels the same joys and pain. All at Symmetrix are working on software development.

  6. All work is at Symmetrix (or from home) - not on-site for our clients.

  7. We only do project work, not resource augmentation.

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